Linear Guide Air Cylinder Vertical / Horizontal installation

Purpose of Use

  • This device is a low friction cylinder that uses compressed air, reciprocating motion (low mechanical loss) actuator for the web transport line control for films, paper, metal foil, nonwoven fabrics.

Special features

  • 1. Low mechanical loss and hysteresis.
  • 2. Long stroke production.
  • 3. Low maintenance.
  • 4. Simplified structure compared with conventional products prevents failure due to rubber getting caught. The sliding part of the cylinder is lubricated by the by an air film through micro-leakage, low sliding drastically reduces wear.
  • 5. Operated by micro-pressure.
  • 6. Long life.
  • 7. Operating cylinder is very light, made from CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic).
  • 8. Extremely robust to unbalanced loads.
  • 9. High loads can be added to the cylinder lot (Linear guide).
  • 10. The piston part is integrated with the linear guide using ball bush.


  • (Linear guide air cylinder single standard)
  • Cylinder bore diameter  φ21~φ90
    Stroke  Pitch : 50mm (Bore diameter : up to Max 10 times)
    Operating pressure range  0.1〜0.3MPa
    Temperature / Humidity  20℃〜25℃ / Under 50%RH
    Available models  Single acting overhung type, double ball bush
    Minimum operating pressure  200pa (low-friction specification) for φ40
    Air leaking amount   90L under / min (at 0.4Mpa) for φ40×200ST (low-friction specification)
    Hysteresis   Average 0.6N for φ40×200ST
    Load-bearing position  3430N(Maximum dynamic load) for φ40×200ST


  • ● Shock absorber
  • ● Touch roll for the reeling machine
  • ● Dancer device for the web transport line

Production range

●Cylinder diameter is Φ21〜Φ90(standard)
Other sizes are also available (custom-made)

Thrust calculation

Thrust F=Ap


  • A : Piston pressure receiving area (mm)

  • D:Cylinder inside diameter (Bore diameter) (mm)
  • p:Working pressure       (Mpa)



How to use

Vertical / Horizontal
(Air tank)
Even if the load (air demand of the cylinder) varies, it is important for accumulator to be set so that air supply source does not change.
One recommendation is to use a container that can bear the pressure of 0.5Mpa, another is to create cavities in a dancer frame or machine frame for use as a tank.
In this case, please be vigilant of rusting that may damage the cylinder.
(A mist separator is recommended for use.)


Piping Regarding the air pipes on the side receiving the load from the accumulator, the thicker and shorter the better.
This is to enable the quick response to the air consumption and supply / exhaust speed due to movement of the dancer cylinder.
Air regulator Please make sure to insert the air regulator right before the cylinder. (Precision regulator)

Dancing direction

Horizontal dancer is recommended for use as dancer device.
It eliminate the need for a balance weight, allowing for a low-inertia dancer with fast response to tension fluctuation.
In addition, mechanical loss (hysteresis) is kept to the minimum.

Compressed Air

Please use oil-free purified air and a dust filter.

Offset Load

By observing the load position, the linear guide cylinders can handle loads offset in any direction.

Guide Roll

Please use a dancer roll which rotates lightly.
Air supply  When air supply runs short even for a short time, the cylinder thrust declines.
In this case, the dancer roll cannot adjust to a change in tension, causing tension fluctuation and hunting.