Liquid Turn Bar   


  • ● The basic structure is the same with a punching Air Turn Bar. Pressure applied to a liquid in the tank is used to float the material.
  • ● Liquid expelled from the tank is circulated back.

Special features

  • 1.Enables non-contact tension measurement in the liquid (Optional)
  • 2.Washable type is also available
  • 3.Production at a chosen included angle (0°〜 180°)
  • 4.Available for extreme heavy loads
  • 5.No drift
  • 6.Stable and balanced liquid floating


  • ● Non-contact transmission of a variety of materials in the liquid
  • ● Liquid non-contact tension measurement
  • ● Liquid non-contact wash transmission

Purpose of Use

  • ● Liquid turn bar can be used for non-contact transmission in liquid for production of a variety of materials, plating and wash line.
  • ● Usable for acid, water, alkaline.

Method of Use in Brief

  • ● Replace a conventional guide roll with a turn bar matching the central axis and submersed in liquid supplied from a tank by a pump.
  • ● Increase pressure with the pump, propelling the liquid to the bar through a filter.
  • ● The liquid is expelled from turn bar apertures to float the material, after which it is circulated back.

Production range 

  • Turn bar width :  100〜1000mm(Washable type : 150mm〜) / Length 100〜5000mm
    Materials          :  SUS-304, SUS-316, Titanium
    Surface     :  Special punching type (Washable type also available)
    Angle      :  0〜180°