Suction Roll  



  • The basic structure of the Suction Roll is an extruded aluminum body with slits where the wires fit at a right angle at an interval that can be chosen freely.
  • The blower helps reduce the pressure from the gap between the wires and allows the products to adhere to the roll at a given angle via suction.

Special features

  • 1. The surface of the wire is in full contact with the product held by suction and the total contact area is approximately 5 to 10 times greater when compared with conventional suction rolls.
  • The resulting grip force is several times more powerful than the conventional products, which allows for suction pressure to be lowered. Additionally, this helps to reduce the risk of suction marks.
  • 2. The web suctioning is carried out through gaps between the wires, but because the slit width is normally more than 4mm, there is little chance of clogging from dust.
  • 3. The diameter of wire and rolling pitch can be set at will, allowing one to increase the grip force or address a suction mark problem.
  • 4. Slit-type suction roll with a suction box on one or both sides, allows for a structure where suction on the inside can be achieved without the use of inner cylinder. Therefore there is no risk of accidents common in conventional products where ambient temperature differences while in operation lead to deformation resulting in inner and outer cylinders to come into contact.
  • 5. Higher grip force allows for the suction area to be reduced.
  • Since the roll diameter can be set smaller, a lesser GD2 (moment of inertia) is possible and the driving motor can be downsized.


  • Variety of Printers / Rolling mills / Coating machines / Calendaring machines / Slitter machines / Laminating machines / Textile machinery / Packaging machines, Feed rolls / Pull rolls, also for Tension cutting.
  • ◆ Available for tension cutting (alternative to Nip rolls) for various substrate materials.
  • ◆Processing of Plastic films / Papers / Metal foils, and for the carrier line.

Production range

  • (Suction Rolls)

     Diameter :  φ100480mm / Length 100mm5000mm  (Different lengths are also available)
     Materials  :  Aluminum (Alumite process)
     ロール表面:  Reeled SUS-304、SUS-316
    Structure : 

    ・Fixed suction width

    ・Variable suction width

    ・Combined use multi chamber roll for suctioning and blowing

Images of Suction Rolls

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Standard hole

Middle hole

Micro hole





  • When supporting the suction roll, both drive side and fixed side should be supported. Or either drive / driven side should be supported by self-aligning.
  • Mounting accuracy is limited. Please leave one side to the right and left in the direction of the thrust to remain free in order to allow for heat expansion.
  • Otherwise, damage to the bearing or abnormal noise may result.